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Seven Samurai (dir. Akira Kurosawa — 1954)


Seven Samurai (dir. Akira Kurosawa — 1954)

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Via Indiewire: Fascinating article on how VOD is changing the game with theatrical releases.

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Via Indiewire: A great list of fall films to watch out in the coming months.

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"Well, for me, I get to enjoy many facets of things I love. There’s something novelistic, there’s absurdity, there’s music, there’s photography, the performing, the sound… For me, it’s an area where I can enjoy all these things at once and orchestrate them and use them to tell stories. I hope that answers your question… That’s the soundbite version!"

Gore Verbinksi talking with Little White Lies about what he loves about film.

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TV Tropes - Curse Cut Short
A character is part way through saying a rude word when they are abruptly interrupted. Another character may interrupt the speaker, the speaker may interrupt or cut off themselves, or there is simply a cut to another scene.

Classic for most TV shows really.

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I read a LOT of spec TV pilots. And whilst many **end up** great, their writers often tie themselves up in terrible knots getting them written, slowing themselves down, especially when they often send out works in progress, left, right and centre AS WELL.

Yet it needn’t be this way, with just a little more preparation at foundation level. So here’s my 9 steps on how to get YOUR polished killer spec TV pilot on the page AND out there …

Excellent advice

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On the set of The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Ross from Ikonic Films is on my site today with some great advice on how to make your microbudget film … without making it LOOK microbudget. I particularly like tip number 7, which I think is low budget filmmaking GOLD. Enjoy!

This is great. To all those interested in reading low budget filmmaking read this.

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Interesting press conference with the creative behind the quirky and weirdly hilarious the Grand Budapest.

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Classic movies. I bet your singing the song just looking at this….

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Via Vulture: The Glora Awards and Gala have recently (this past weekend) held and there were quite a few inspirational speeches, click on the link to read Amy Shumer’s, up front ,no holds bar, knock’em dead speech about confidence and just being you.

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Via the Playlist: Thus the Christmas and Oscar runs begin with Eleanor Rigby and Imitation Game receiving release dates from September and November respectatively.

Eleanor Rigby is interesting as it was two films “His and Hers” perspectives that has been merged into one final version for the cinematic release, one hopes that the original two versions will be released on VOD one day…

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The Playlist has a great list of the most anticipated films of the summer (or winter) depending on your hemisphere.

Ones that I’m looking out for are:

- The Giver (Based on the popular YA novel, this one’s definitely looks interesting and hope it lives up to the novel which was around before the YA novels became the go to source material after comics.
- Maleficent: This promises to be dark and fantastical reinvention of the fairy tale genre from one of the iconic Disney villains. This could go either way… but definitely want to look out for when it hits the theatres.
- Lucy: Luc Besson’s latest thriller with Scarlett Johansson in the title role should be rather interesting and probably violent viewing.
- The Fault in Our Stars: Another YA adult novel hits the big screen and so far the trailer and clips of the film seem to match the much beloved novel in tone and sass and heart. Can’t wait. Where are my tissues?
- X-Men Days of Future Past: The much anticipated sequel with a roll call of a-list stars this is going to be one not to miss.
- A Most Wanted Man: Reviewed out of Sundance as a cerebral and cool spy thriller, this one definitely intrigues me and one of the late great Phillipm Seymour Hoffman’s final rolls.
- Neighbours: This looks weirdly hilarious and fun … pure popcorn entertainment.
- The Rover: The follow up from David “Animal Kingdom” Michod which that alone bookmarks it on my watch list.